How can i stop opening up my air position while still in the air???

Just hold it in there tight! If you keep letting yourself pop out of the position, it’ll become a habit. You have to force yourself to stay there! If you’re popping because of fear, well- first of all, my coach tells me that staying in that tight position is so much safer than popping! You might still fall, but the fall won’t hurt much if you just hold it in tight until you’re fully rotated. Also, you could try going on a harness if that helps you with the fear. You should also look at your jump technique and see if you are taking off too early. My coach says that sometimes taking off too early & pre-rotating can cause you to pop out near the end of your jump, because technically your body knows you have completed all the rotations, but since you started rotating early, it’s not actually time to land yet. Good luck! Additionally, just work on your in-air position overall. Check out my last answer for some tips on that.

How can I rotate faster on my doubles?

Strengthen your abs off ice to get a strong core, which will help your in-air position. You need to pull in tight enough that there is no space between your legs & no space between your arms and body. Stand tall in the air & make sure you’re not bending over from your hips. This should help you rotate faster! You should also see if you can work with your coach on a harness. Ask your coach to really look at your in-air position when you’re on the harness. You can also practice your jumps off-ice. Hope this helps :)

How do you feel about tan boots and OTB tights?

Hi! A few posts ago I talked about tan/beige boots, so you can take a look at that. As for over-the-boot tights, I personally really like the way they look. My coach hates them, but I think they look more professional and clean.

Hi! Do you like beige boots? At my rink they seem to be becoming more popular, but I'm not a big fan. What do you think?

I do prefer white skates. I’m not against beige skates- I just don’t think they look as good as white ones. There are different reasons some people might have beige. I know some coaches who have them, but not skaters.

To the anon who asked if it's a good idea to cross your legs in single rotation jumps, I just wanted to add that you should definitely do so, if you're trying to perfect your singles. While working on my singles, I had this theory that I didn't need to keep the foot in, that way for doubles I could do so. However, that totally backfired, and it took me so much longer to relearn the proper singles technique! So definitely do so, until you start working on doubles

I agree. Definitely keep them crossed until you have really good singles technique! And just do what your coach says you should do.