Are ice dances in Canada and the United States the same? Can you compete in the United States and if so, have you? I love your tumblr. Do you have anything similar to regionals like the U. S. has in Canada?

I think most of the dances are the same, but some of them have different names, and all of the levels have different names. Yes, Canadians can compete in the US, but not at qualifying competitions. I have competed at invitational competitions in the US. And in Canada we have sectionals, then provincials (Challenge), and then nationals. :)

What’s In My Skating Bag

You asked for it, so here it is!

I’ll tell you about everything that’s in my skating bag. Let me start off by saying that I bring an excessive amount of stuff to skating. I do not need all of these things. I just to be prepared in case of an emergency. Plus, with my knee problems, I always need to have things like Advil & knee braces in my skating bag. In the near future, I plan to get a new skating bag (because the handle of this one is breaking) and take out some of the stuff I don’t really need. My bag is just a black duffle bag with sequins on the sides. I think it’s from Winners.

So first, I have my necessities, which are just free inside the duffle bag. This includes my skates, my soft guards, my hard guards, my running shoes, my kleenex box, my lint roller (I wear black leggings to skating and I have three dogs), and extra water bottles.

And then I have all the other things separated into large ziploc bags with labels.

  • Gloves Bag
    This bag includes gloves of many colors, including tan gloves for competing and testing. 
  • Mittens Bag
    This bag includes lots of mittens to wear over my gloves when it’s really cold.
  • Towels Bag
    This bag includes several towels, shams, and rags to wipe my blades.
  • Equipment Bag
    This bag includes a pair of scissors, a skipping rope, extra laces, inserts for my skates, and plastic grocery bags. The grocery bags are for when I have blisters. I’ll explain more about that if any of you ask.
  • Braces & Padding Bag
    This bag includes my knee brace, my wrist brace, my elbow pads, my knee pads, and my gel hand pad. 
  • Music & Papers Bag
    This bag includes several CDs with my (old and current) program music on them, my program map, several report cards from test days & competitions, and an emergency music cord that connects iPods/iPhones to rink sound systems. 
  • Snacks & Medicine Bag
    This bag includes Tums, Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, a GoGo Squeez applesauce, and a white chocolate easter egg in case I ever need it.
  • Hair & Makeup Bag
    This bag includes extra barrettes, hair elastics, pro-wrap, lots of lip balm, my competition lipstick, and an extra pack of kleenex. 

There you have it :) I hope you enjoyed seeing all the (useful and non-useful) stuff in my skating bag. And if you’re wondering if it all fits, the answer is no. Well, it fits, but it doesn’t zip shut. 

What tests have you passed?

Skills- passed my Senior Silver skills, so I’m on my Gold skills now
Freeskate- testing my Junior Silver freeskate soon
Dance- still on Junior Silver because the American Waltz sucks :) haha

Are you going to be skating in college?


What did you wear for Skate Canada Awards?

They bought us dresses to wear when we presented the medals.

hi! do you have any tips for people who are just beginners in figure skating?
A post about what's in your skating bag would be really cool!!! :)

Okay, I’ll do that :)

How do you map out a program?

You just draw the pattern of your solo on a sheet of paper. It’s meant to be a replica of the tracings/lines that your skates make on the ice surface when you do your program. Mapping out your program helps you see how much ice you are covering, how well your elements are spaced out, and what shapes you are making in your choreography. For crosscuts, you can draw big, curvy X’s. For spins you can draw little swirls. For jumps you can draw the lines that the jump makes on the ice. It’s helpful to write the name of the element beside the drawing of it. And my coach suggests drawing the first third (time-wise) of your program in red, the second third in blue, and the final third green. This makes the map easier to read and shows if you’re skating in one area for too long at any point in your program.

after a moves test, are u supposed to curtsy to the judges? i never know and i always feel so awkward! do you just skate straight off the ice? idk

No, I don’t. I don’t know anyone who does, but maybe it’s different where you’re from. I usually hold my ending position for a few moments, then skate nicely off the ice with my arms up. To show thanks to the judge, a simple ‘thank you’ and a genuine smile after you get off the ice is always good.