My skating club has no ice in the summer. Do you think it's ok if I skate for a month without a coach? I wouldn't try to teach myself anything, just practice. I'm worried I might get bad habits, but I really want to skate! Any advice?

If your coach thinks it’s okay, I think a month would be fine! Just don’t practice anything new that you haven’t learned yet. And when practicing old stuff, always have your coach’s corrections in mind.

When doing a split jump, is your "air position" supposed to look like doing middle splits or forward splits? (if forward, which leg in front?)

For a normal split jump, it’s the forward splits. You can choose which leg goes in front. Usually, counter-clockwise skaters will do a right mohawk, pick with their right foot, and do a split jump with their left leg in front. Clockwise skaters like me will do a left mohawk, pick with their left foot, and do a split jump with their right leg in front.
There is also a type of split jump called a Russian split jump (and some people call it different things). You hit the side/middle splits position in the air, instead of the front splits. In my opinion, Russian split jumps don’t look as nice as normal split jumps, unless you are able to hit a full middle splits position.
In a Russian split jump your upper body should be facing to the side. In a normal split jump your upper body should be facing frontwards, in line with the front leg of your split.

Do you have any tips for split jumps. I'm pretty flexible so that isnt an issue.

•Get lots of speed into it! It may be scary, but split jumps (at least mine) are SO much better when they’re entered at top speed. Extra speed will allow you more time to get your legs into a full split position, as well as extra height.
•Feel the undersides of your legs snap into position. You can’t just jump up there, point your toes, and expect your legs to split (even if you can do the splits perfectly). You have to force your muscles to give both legs equal extension. You should feel a certain level of extension after you get up into the air, and then a higher level of extension when you snapped your legs as far out as they can go. Remember- this snap is a quick movement. You don’t have much time up there to hit your split position.
•Stretch your hips, groin muscles, & leg muscles. Do over splits too. Some people can do the splits, but their split jumps still don’t even make it to a full split. This is why it’s important to try over splits.
•Make sure your hips are turned completely forward in your split jump. When you do the splits on the ground, you’ll see how your hips are. On the ice, it’s important that your hips are nice & straight like that, as well as your upper body.
•Try putting your arms up in a V. It usually helps me get more height.
Best of luck :)

What does your on-ice warm up look like? Like stroking, etc

I usually stroke 2 laps FW CCW, 2 laps BW CCW, 2 laps FW CW, and 2 laps BW CW. Then I do some laps with footwork up the sides (rockers/leg pulls/bubbles) and on the ends (outside mohawk-cross-turn-turns/inside three turn-cross-back three turns). Then I do 3 huge waltz jumps and some back spins. Then I stretch my arms & legs at the boards, and if I’m going to be doing laybacks or biellmanns, I stretch my back.

Hello! How much does a freestyle session cost on average?

It’s not really possible to give an average. It completely depends on the number of people on the session, the time it’s at, the rink it’s at, the level/type of session it is, and more. It varies quite a lot. It also will be cheaper if you pay for a whole year of weekly sessions, rather than one session at a time.

What's your favorite spin, jump, and step sequence? By the way you are very pretty and I LOVE your competition dresses, they're beautiful

Thank you so much.
Favorite spin- Biellmann (back biellmann)
Favorite jump- flips and toes
Favorite step sequence- no particular ones, but I like rockers, loops, and kicks in step sequences

do you have any help for getting my spread eagle or ina bauer? because i can do a middle split easy and i'm kind of flexible i guess but on the ice my legs/feet just won't turn out to get a good spread eagle and it's so frustrating because my coach really wants us to be able to do that for some reason. when i do it against the border it hurts my knees and ankles instead of my hips??

Hi- I can’t do a great spread eagle or Ina Bauer either.
Anyway, taking some ballet classes might be a good idea for you. Ballet will help your turnout, which is required for Bauers and eagles. You should also ask your coach for a lesson where you just focus on Bauers and eagles the whole time. It could be your technique (not your flexibility) that is preventing you from doing these moves, and your coach will be able to fix your technique.
If none of that works, don’t feel discouraged. Not every skater is flexible enough to do an amazing Bauer or eagle! For some skating tests, you might be required to do a short Bauer or eagle (for example, there is a brief Bauer in the SkateCanada Gold Skills), but otherwise, these moves aren’t exactly important. Plus, the extreme turnout required for these moves is unnatural! If your knees hurt a lot when you try to do it, then I would recommend just not doing them at all. It is not a natural position and you could injure yourself.
I think you should work on having amazing footwork and amazing spirals to put in your program instead of Bauers or eagles. If you are looking for a challenge but don’t want to do Bauers or eagles, try hydroblades or fan spirals. Good luck!