How can I motivate myself to go skating in the morning? I'm reaching a busy point in the school year, because as the year is ending, I've got lots of exams to contend with, and it's getting hard to skate during the week. Right now, I've got the option to skate weekend mornings from 6 or 7 (depending on the day) to 9:50am. However, it is sooooo hard to wake up! How can I force myself to wake up and skate? Do you have any tips? Thank you!

If you are too tired to skate that early in the morning, DON’T GO. For two years I woke up EVERY Sunday morning at 5am to skate for two hours, but I eventually realized that I was too tired & cranky to accomplish anything, and it was pointless to go. I rescheduled that practice time for a weeknight. That said, I often still wake up to skate early in the morning for non-recurring sessions as well as competitions. What you have to do is go to bed as early as you can the night before (learn to set strict bedtimes for yourself and stick to them). Set one alarm for 5min before you need to wake up, one alarm for when you need to wake up, & one alarm for 5min after you need to wake up. Choosing a nice song for my alarm helps me to wake up. You also need to eat a healthy breakfast before you skate. If eating breakfast is going to make you five minutes late for your two hour session- who cares?! It’s better to have energy for 115min than to have a 120min crappy skate. I recommend 1 slice of toast with peanut butter with an apple sauce and a milk or orange juice. This will help you get the most out of your early morning practice. As for motivation, I sometimes just think of things to look forward to. When my alarm goes off, I think about how I’m looking forward to eating yummy breakfast. When I get on the ice & I’m half-asleep, I think about how I’m looking forward to doing my favorite spin. If that doesn’t work for you, ask yourself this- at your last competition, who beat you? Who was it? Where are they right now? Probably sleeping in bed. But YOU are at the rink working your butt off and THAT is how you are going to beat them next time. Or picture yourself at a competition, taking the ice and performing. Will you, at that time, wish you had taken advantage of the morning practice time? Will you wish you had worked harder? And don’t get to the rink and spend half the session leaning against the boards because you’d rather be in bed… Make every moment of ice time count. You’ll feel great when you get off the ice. Anyway, don’t overdo it. Make sure you are getting enough sleep throughout the week and you aren’t feeling burnt out. I honestly wouldn’t skate super early in the morning more than 2x a week. Please- don’t do both Sunday and Saturday mornings! If you do that, you will have no days to sleep in, and you NEED at least one. Pick Saturday or Sunday. But it’ll definitely get easier… The first couple of times that 5am alarm goes off, it will be hell, but you will get in the habit of pulling yourself out of bed. I wish you the best of luck :)

Hi there! I saw your answer to the "PA" question, and it sounds so fun and rewarding! Unfortunately, I'm under the USFSA system, and here, they're pretty strict with PSA qualifications and stuff, so I can't do the same things you do. Ironic, because I've lived in Canada most of my life, and only somewhat recently moved... Lol :)

That’s too bad! It’s a great program. Hopefully USFSA will soon implement something similar.

I’m going to a skating seminar tomorrow and I’m very excited! I even get a private lesson from Paul Matheson and Olympian Tugba Karademier on Tuesday.

Happy Easter to my followers who celebrate it! 🐰💐🐣