Do you have any double Salchow tips?

Get a good knee bend on the three turn. Hold the backwards inside edge for a looong time. Get a good grip on the ice… then kick your free leg through like a bunny hop, at the same time as your arms go through. Hold it in tight and keep everything lines up. Practice salchow-loops and salchow-back spins.

Hey I have had my skates for 2 years and I wore a hole in the lining. So I have to get new ones! I am landing my loop and Flip consistently. So do you have and suggestions on what I should get? I can spend about $600. I have ridelles right now but they hurt my feet alot.

When I was at that level, I had Jackson Competitors, so you might like those! Jackson Competitors are meant for all single jumps including axel. The next boot up from that is the Jackson Premiere, which is for axels and early double jumps. But I think you should just go to a skate shop and tell them what level you’re at, and try on a bunch of different brands until you find something comfortable. Hopefully the people at the skate shop will be more knowledgable than I am :)

How did you get to be apart of the ceremony?

We had to audition & interview.

3 days til competition…
Have to borrow a friend’s dress because my new one won’t be here in time :/

I can't speak for your question about loops, but here under the USFSA system, there are 8 moves tests: Pre-preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior.

Alright thanks :)

What do you like besides skating?

Disney World, The Cheesecake Factory, singing, writing, and dogs

Have you heard of what happened with Hayleigh Abbott ?

I hadn’t heard about it, but after receiving this ask, I googled it and read a news article about it. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.
For those of you who don’t know, Hayleigh is an 11-year-old skater (a very talented one) who experienced bullying at her club by a 15-year-old male skater. It was brought to the attention of Hayleigh’s coach months ago, but he never did anything about it. Eventually, Hayleigh (yes, the bullying victim, not the bully) was kicked out of her skating club. It was a very stupid thing for the club to do, and I feel sorry for Hayleigh. SkateCanada says they are investigating.