Do you have a skating Twitter? I think a lot of your posts would make good tweets.

No I don’t, but thank you.

Worst experience: regionals was in Utah and I got a bloody nose on warm up, and didn't get to finish warming up. I was also first, so I had only a minute to get it to stop. I shoved tissue up my nose and skated. Needless to say, I bombed and then coughed up blood. #ew

Aw, that sucks!

My worst skating competition experience happened during my first competition... I fell on a MOHAWK of all things. Now, I just laugh at that...

Haha! I fell on a waltz jump at a competition once when I could land perfectly good lutz-loops. I just somehow managed to wipe out on a waltz jump.

My sister once left her skates and skating dresses at home for a competition. She had to wear mine.

Oh well, at least you were there to lend her yours! But that would suck to compete in someone else’s skates. 

One time, I was at a competition in Latvia and back then I had this psycho Russian coach, who was like, unbelievably strict. Anyway, because I was used to going to competitions with my mom, and this time I was with my dad, and he sucks at moral support, I was really nervous. Basically, I fell every jump and spin and whatever is possible to fall, and my coach didn't talk to me for two weeks. So yeah, that's my personal horror story and something I'd never like to repeat again:)


I skate with knee braces too !!! I personally don't mind if they show, they are part of my skate attire, just as my skates are.

Good point.