What color dress would be good for the music I Got Rhythm?

I hope I listened to the right song. I think black or red would be good.

I love the coral, but both are really pretty.

Thank you.

I'd go with the coral dress, i think it would look great on the ice!


Could your dress be both colors? The colors you described, sound like they could go well together if you were able to do that.

That’s a really clever idea. Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t think that’s possible with the style of this dress.

Both are great choices, but I say go with the coral! So many skaters wear light purple, but your music is really unique so you should have a unique dress. IMO, the coral is perfect! :) ps.: I love love love your music!

Thank you, thank you :) I love my music too.

I'm voting light purple, but you would look in both of them.


The coral with your hair and complexion maybe? Love them both though. Good luck! (:

Thank you! Okay- right now I am sliiiightly leaning towards the coral.

The thing about my skating dress is that I have to decide on a color ASAP! Or else I won’t have it in time for my competition!
I’m getting a lot of mixed opinions on which color I should choose. They’re both really pretty. The coral is very uncommon for a skating dress and I love it, but it might not look great on me/on the ice. The light bluish purple is also uncommon, and it matches my music well, and will probably look good on the ice.
But I really like both colors! And I want to make a choice I will be happy with.